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The secret to glowing skin

The secret to glowing skin

Want glowing skin? Try keeping a diary.

Here at Soak Smith we believe natural beauty comes from within, so the first place to look for glowing skin is in the gut. 

Pre and probiotics are a great place to start; probiotics (good bacteria) like miso soup and sauerkraut are great for a healthy gut and prebiotic foods such as asparagus, leeks, bananas, garlic and onions create a friendly environment (and essentially food) for your good bacteria to flourish.

But before we even get to a Garden of Eden gut flora we need to get real about what we’re putting in our mouths, as highly processed foods can ruin your gut biota like roundup to a bed of roses.

Keeping a food diary for a week is a great way to find out where all of those unplanned foods that create inflammation in the gut (and therefore skin) are coming from.

That muffin in the meeting room, the cheeky crumpet at your boyfriends house, that half bottle of wine you shared with your bestie to console her breakup - its often the unplanned foods and drinks that are doing the most damage and so by writing it down it becomes crystal clear to see why you might not have crystal clear skin.

We all need to indulge every now and then (who doesn’t love a bit of stray crumpet?) so please don’t journal beyond a week, this isn’t about obsessing over every micro morsel, it’s about looking at macro changes like ‘I really need to cut back on snacking and eat more veggies so I’m going to take soup to work every day’.

Hopefully with a few small changes in your food habits you’ll start to notice your skin transitioning away from inflammation and towards calm, naturally glowing skin in no time.